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Nutritional Products (Page 2 of 5)

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  1. Energy Slim Energy Slim
    Energy Slim is a unique dietary supplement that combines Maca with proven thermogenic herbs and chrmoium polynicotinate. What sets Energy Slim apart is the introduction of Maca. Maca is a special plant from high in the Andes and is the highest grown plant food source in the world, packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. More Info...


  2. Fast Pace Fast Pace
    Some people feel that their body needs more stimulation. Fast Pace is our super-charged thermogenic product. If you are sick and tired of your on-again, off-again diets, try Fast Pace. Fast Pace taken in conjunction with moderate exercise, a sensible diet low in fat and sugar, and plenty of water can help you trim up, tone up, and lose the excess fat from your body. More Info...


  3. Fiber Source 7 Fiber Source 7
    Fiber Source 7 is a colon-cleanse product designed to stimulate the colon to release and eliminate refuse that has built up in the system. Get your daily supply of fiber along with the probiotics needed to help cleanse and rebuild your digestive system. Fiber Source 7 is powerful and designed to be used everyday as a part of a healthy diet. More Info...


  4. Fossil Fuel With Activin Fossil Fuel With Activin
    Fossil Fuel is a unique product which provides a wide-array of trace minerals, along with a powerful supply of OPCs in a delicious liquid supplement. Fossil Fuel provides 956 mg. of trace minerals in proprietary blend, as well as 25 mg. of Grape Seed Extract (ActiVin) per one ounce serving. These wonderful elements are blended in a base of aloe, honey, and natural grape juice from concentrate to satisfy even the fussiest people! More Info...


  5. Fruit & Vegetable Essence Fruit & Vegetable Essence
    Most doctors agree that 5 servings of fruits and vegetables are necessary to maintain good health and can help prevent major degenerative disease. This extraordinary product provides a wonderful combination of the essence of fruits and vegetables with just the water and pulp removed in easy-to-take capsules. Take your Fruit Essence in the morning, and your Vegetable Essence in the afternoon or evening! More Info...


  6. Glucosaflex Glucosaflex
    Glucosaflex combines 2 powerful ingredients - glucosamine and chondroitin - with other herbs and nutrients for an answer in the battle to promote joint health and flexibility. Glucosamine sulfate has been shown to exert a protective effect against joint destruction and is selectively used by joint tissues, exerting a powerful healing effect on arthritic symptoms. More Info...


  7. HGH Boost HGH Boost
    Human Growth Hormone, or HGH for short, is now considered to be the key to preventing, stopping, or even reversing much of the aging process. HGH Boost is a wonderful blend of amino acids and other nutrients designed to work with the body. Aging is one of those things that cannot be stopped. But, with a good exercise program, great nutrition, and a sensible supplement program, we can help with the aging process. More Info...


  8. l5_htp_complex L-5 HTP complex
    L-5-HTP (called 5-HTP for short) is an amino acid that is a natural alternative to Prozac and similar drugs, with far fewer adverse effects. One reason 5-HTP and Prozac-like drugs have similar effects - is that they each act on the same chemical in the brain - a neurotransmitter called serotonin (neurotransmitters are vital chemicals that enable nerve cells to communicate with one another). More Info...


  9. Legendary Essiac Tea Legendary Essiac Tea
    The recipe for Essiac Tea was originally from an Ojibway medicine man in northern Ontario. A young nurse named Caisse had an aunt who was in the final stages of cancer. It is said that Caisse approached the Ojibway medicine man who developed the recipe for this tea. The aunt took a daily regimen of the tea, recovered and lived for another 20 years. Legendary Essiac Tea is an easy-to-use, encapsulated form of traditional Essiac Tea. Two capsules are equivalent to 2 ounces of traditionally brewed Essiac Tea. More Info...


  10. Maca Gold Maca Gold
    Finally, a thermogenic product without ephedra. Maca Gold combines wonderful thermogenic herbs with chromium and Maca. Since its introduction, Maca Gold has tapped into a global market that many products are excluded from. People from all over the world love it! More Info...


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