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Retail Profits

Program Overview | Compensation Plan | IV PHASE Financial Plan
Commission Comparison | Retail Profits | International Financial Plan
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The bedrock of any successful business is the retail sales of products to retail consumers. With the ForMor International compensation plan, retail sales of the products are a great way to develop a positive cash flow TODAY!!! With great products like AP-300, Maca Gold, and MSM2000, retailing is made easy. Depending on the volume you are purchasing for resale, you can make up to $25 profit per bottle. Here is how it works:

To qualify for the maximum compensation, you need to purchase $114 BV (usually 6 bottles of nutritional supplements and/or full-size skin care products). The cost is $21.50 per bottle (except for a few products whose wholesale price is higher, refer to the product price for specific product pricing). If you were to charge $35 per bottle, your profit would be $13.50 per bottle.

Position 2

With Position 2, you can increase your profit per bottle. Here is how it works:

Any volume over $114BV you personally purchase in a month, automatically rolls to your first level. Your first level bonus is 15%. So you would receive 15% of the BV of all the bottles you purchase over $114BV back in the form of a bonus.

Also, if your Position 2 has at least $114BV in a single month, your Position 2 will count as one of your Personally Sponsored First Level Executives for Infinity Bonus qualifications.

Supercharge Your Retail Profits

For those who are consistently purchasing for retail more than 12 bottles per month, you can Supercharge Your Profits with this strategy.

Bring your spouse (or if single, a company) in on your first level. Purchase your first $114BV under your position. Purchase any additional product under your spouse's position. Look at what can happen:

Let's assume you are purchasing 30 bottles of product for retail in a calendar month.

  • Your Position - Purchase 6-bottles or $114 BV
  • Your Spouse's Position - Purchase additional 24 bottles or $456 BV

 Your Position  
First Level15% X $114 = $17.10Spouse's Position 
Second Level45% X $342 = $153.90First level-
Spouse's Position 2
15% X $342 = $51.30

  • The total for Your Position would receive is $171.00
  • The total for Your Spouse'S Position would receive is $51.30
  • The total of your two positions would receive back on your purchase in the form of a bonus is $222.30
  • The total cost of the product would be $645
  • Less the total bonus you get back of $222.30

The total price you paid would be $422.70 which is a cost of only $14.07 PER BOTTLE!!!

At a retail price of $35 per bottle you would profit $20.91 PER BOTTLE or $627.30 on just 30 bottles sold per month.

It gets even better if you sell more bottles. This is just another way to make an outstanding income with the Triple Crown Compensation Plan.

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Program Overview | Compensation Plan | IV PHASE Financial Plan
Commission Comparison | Retail Profits | International Financial Plan
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Disclaimer: The statements indicated herein have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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