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Brain Food Products

  1. HGH Boost HGH Boost
    Human Growth Hormone, or HGH for short, is now considered to be the key to preventing, stopping, or even reversing much of the aging process. HGH Boost is a wonderful blend of amino acids and other nutrients designed to work with the body. Aging is one of those things that cannot be stopped. But, with a good exercise program, great nutrition, and a sensible supplement program, we can help with the aging process. More Info...


  2. l5_htp_complex L-5 HTP complex
    L-5-HTP (called 5-HTP for short) is an amino acid that is a natural alternative to Prozac and similar drugs, with far fewer adverse effects. One reason 5-HTP and Prozac-like drugs have similar effects - is that they each act on the same chemical in the brain - a neurotransmitter called serotonin (neurotransmitters are vital chemicals that enable nerve cells to communicate with one another). More Info...


  3. Neuro 911 Neuro 911
    Neuro 911 helps support brain function and helps increase the production of brain neurotransmitters with a wonderful array of amino acids and vitamins. These nutrients were specifically selected because of their positive impact on brain function. Helps increase mental clarity and focus. More Info...


  4. St. John's Kava Kava Boost St. John's Kava Kava Boost
    A natural anti-depressant alternative. The combination of St. John's wort extract and kava kava has been helpful for people suffering from mild to moderate depression. St. Johnís Wort is a natural herb that comes from a yellow-flowered plant with the Latin name Hypericum Perforatum. More Info...


  5. Sweet Dreams Melatonin Complex Sweet Dreams Melatonin Complex
    Sweet Dreams Melatonin Complex is a wonderful blending of time-tested herbs and melatonin to help promote better and more restful sleep. It is a natural and non-addictive sleeping agent that also helps strengthen the immune system. Melatonin has also been found to help normalize blood pressure and increase sexual vitality. More Info...



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