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Weight Loss Products

  1. pH Factor Weight-Loss System pH Factor Weight-Loss SystemNEW
    The pH Factor Rapid-Weight Loss System is a synergistically blended group of weight-loss and slimming products, combined with a sensible eating plan, plenty of water consumption and consistent exercise. More Info...


  2. AP-300 AP-300
    AP-300 taken in conjunction with moderate exercise, a sensible diet low in fat and sugar, and plenty of water can help you trim down, tone up, and lose the excess fat. AP-300 is a nutritional supplement containing a unique blend of specialized herbs and chromium polynicotinate. More Info...


  3. Collagen PM Collagen PM
    Enjoy the benefits of liquid collagen. Combined with moderate exercise, sensible diet, plenty of water, and reduced sugar intake, Collagen PM is an integral part a many people's weight management program. Collagen PM is designed to be taken in the evening just before going to bed. More Info...


  4. Energy Slim Energy Slim
    Energy Slim is a unique dietary supplement that combines Maca with proven thermogenic herbs and chrmoium polynicotinate. What sets Energy Slim apart is the introduction of Maca. Maca is a special plant from high in the Andes and is the highest grown plant food source in the world, packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. More Info...


  5. Fast Pace Fast Pace
    Some people feel that their body needs more stimulation. Fast Pace is our super-charged thermogenic product. If you are sick and tired of your on-again, off-again diets, try Fast Pace. Fast Pace taken in conjunction with moderate exercise, a sensible diet low in fat and sugar, and plenty of water can help you trim up, tone up, and lose the excess fat from your body. More Info...


  6. Fiber Source 7 Fiber Source 7
    Fiber Source 7 is a colon-cleanse product designed to stimulate the colon to release and eliminate refuse that has built up in the system. Get your daily supply of fiber along with the probiotics needed to help cleanse and rebuild your digestive system. Fiber Source 7 is powerful and designed to be used everyday as a part of a healthy diet. More Info...


  7. Maca Gold Maca Gold
    Finally, a thermogenic product without ephedra. Maca Gold combines wonderful thermogenic herbs with chromium and Maca. Since its introduction, Maca Gold has tapped into a global market that many products are excluded from. People from all over the world love it! More Info...


  8. Royal Trace 70+ Minerals Royal Trace 70+ Minerals
    Royal Trace 70+ contains an incredible original source of over 70 colloidal minerals and trace minerals that are dried down, with just the water removed to form a mineral and trace mineral complex. A blend of trace colloidal minerals, wheat grass powder, lemon and lime essential oils, as well as, the Krebs Energy Cycle minerals in a convenient easy-to-swallow capsule. More Info...


  9. royal_trim Royal Trim
    Royal Trim is an exciting new dietary supplement supplying 600 mg (per 6 caps) of a special Garcinia cambogina extract rich in hydroxy citric acid, as well as 12 mg (600% RDA) of the coenzyme form (ready to assimilate form) of vitamin B6 called pyridoxal 5 phosphate. A unique combination of herbs and enzymes formulated to help decrease appetite and promote weight-loss without any stimulant herbs. More Info...



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Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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