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Cleansing & Detoxification Products

  1. Century Plus Centurty Plus
    Century Plus contains Georgian Rhododendron Caucasicum Ungern, which contains nearly 100 beneficial phytonutrients, including many of the most powerful free radical scavengers known. This combination of ingredients has been used for many years in the Republic of Georgia, a place known for the longevity and health of its people. More Info...


  2. Fiber Source 7 Fiber Source 7
    Fiber Source 7 is a colon-cleanse product designed to stimulate the colon to release and eliminate refuse that has built up in the system. Get your daily supply of fiber along with the probiotics needed to help cleanse and rebuild your digestive system. Fiber Source 7 is powerful and designed to be used everyday as a part of a healthy diet. More Info...


  3. Legendary Essiac Tea Legendary Essiac Tea
    The recipe for Essiac Tea was originally from an Ojibway medicine man in northern Ontario. A young nurse named Caisse had an aunt who was in the final stages of cancer. It is said that Caisse approached the Ojibway medicine man who developed the recipe for this tea. The aunt took a daily regimen of the tea, recovered and lived for another 20 years. Legendary Essiac Tea is an easy-to-use, encapsulated form of traditional Essiac Tea. Two capsules are equivalent to 2 ounces of traditionally brewed Essiac Tea. More Info...


  4. M-E-C Multi-Enzyme Complex M-E-C Multi-Enzyme Complex
    Digestion is one of the most critical functions in the body. M-E-C is a new product that provides the plant-derived digestive enzymes necessary to maintain good digestion. M-E-C will be particularly valuable to weight lifters and other athletes who engage in the nutritional practice known as "carbo loading. More Info...


  5. Oral Chelate Oral Chelate
    More than a million Americans die each year as a result of coronary artery disease while hundreds of thousands undergo coronary bypass surgery to open blocked coronary arteries. Oral Chelate helps prevent hardening of the arteries, rejuvenates your cardiovascular system and improves circulation. More Info...


  6. Original Noni From Tahiti Original Noni From Tahiti
    Noni is rich in Proxeronine which combines with Proxeronase and Serotonin in the body to produce Xeronine. Xeronine helps the body heal itself by helping to normalize the function of damaged and sick cells and facilitating there repair. We offer 100% pure and unadulterated Noni juice. More Info...


  7. Power Antioxidant Power Antioxidant
    Power Antioxidant combines the powerful antioxidant, curcuminoids, with green tea extract and a potent package antioxidant herbs and nutrients. Antioxidants help to fight the negative effects of free radicals on the body. Also has been shown to be a helpful anti-inflammatory. More Info...


  8. Prevail Prevail
    In North America, an estimated 85% of adults are carrying one or more types of parasites in their body. Prevail is specially formulated to work in a natural way to expel parasites from your body by using an effective combination of ancient herbs that have been safely used for thousands of years. More Info...


  9. Super Avengers Antioxidant Super Avengers Antioxidant
    Super Avengers contains a powerful supply of OPCs, as well as powerful curcuminoids, vitamins C and E, selenium, along with ginkgo biloba and extracts from apricot, nectarine, prune and grape skin. Antioxidants have been shown to be helpful in the prevention of some degenerative diseases. More Info...


  10. Super-C Vitamin C Crystals Super-C Vitamin C Crystals
    Super-C Vitamin C Crystals is an amazing substance that is easy to swallow and could slow aging, minimize heart disease, aid recovery from dozens of infections and degenerative ailments, and inoculate us against countless health problems. Non-acidic to allow large dosage without irritating the stomach or bowels. In a granular/powdered form to allow the ease of taking large dosages. More Info...



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