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Legendary Essiac Tea

Legendary Essiac Tea

Code: 858

Price: US$ 32.00

Legendary Essiac Tea is an easy-to-use, encapsulated form of traditional Essiac Tea. In 1922, Canadian nurse Rene Caisse consulted an elderly Native American about the nutritional concerns of one of her friends. The Native American recommended an herbal tea recipe that, although simple in substance, was time-consuming and difficult to prepare. Rene's friend began to use and enjoy the formula, and soon others wanted to try it. Its popularity caught on, and eventually thousands were using it. It became known as Essiac tea, Caisse's name spelled backwards. Due to the complexity of the preparation process, it would take hours for you to make this tea at home. It is possible to provide the same herbal combination in convenient capsule form. Two capsules are equivalent to 2 ounces of traditionally brewed Essiac Tea.

To drink as a tea, empty the contents of two capsules into 4 ounces of hot water. Take two capsules three times daily on an empty stomach.

Price: US$ 32.00

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