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Money-Making Opportunity for Affiliates

Program Overview | Compensation Plan | IV PHASE Financial Plan
Commission Comparison | Retail Profits | International Financial Plan
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ForMor International (ForMor) presents a great opportunity for anyone to earn a good income by selling ForMor products.

ForMor distributors can establish their own profit margin by setting their own retail price, also when selling directly from ForMor's 14 retail websites.

But above and beyond that, you are rewarded for building your own network of distributors.

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ForMor International started in 1996 with a simple idea - to help ALL distributors win in network marketing. The idea has become a mission, and that mission is now a reality with both part-time and full-time network marketing distributors sharing equally in this generous and extremely lucrative compensation plan. ForMor is ever expanding with innovative concepts to enhance our bonus structure.

Now, the full-time professional has an even greater opportunity to earn more money while helping the part-time distributor achieve maximum income. Each phase of the compensation structure is a synergistic blend of network marketing power. From weekly direct deposits, to the worldwide bonus pools, this guide gives you all the details about the amazing ForMor Financial Plan.


The power of ForMor's Financial plan becomes clear as you examine it in detail. It is divided into four phases:

Phase I - Fast Start Bonus
Phase II - Business Development
Phase III - Residual Bonus
Phase IV - Bonus Pools

As your business grows, you reap greater and greater benefit for your efforts and persistence.

You begin your journey to financial freedom with ForMor as a Qualified Executive Distributor. As you help others start their journey, you move up the ladder. The greater the number of people you help to discover true freedom, the greater your level of achievement will be. Starting with Ruby, then to Emerald, then Diamond and Double Diamond. Platinum Diamond is the highest level of achievement. As your level of achievement increases, so too will your participation in each phase of the financial plan.

The ForMor Financial Plan is designed for everyone. Newcomers to network marketing, part-time business builders and full-time professionals can generate cash-flow quickly. Each phase works together to create more and more INCOME for you and your team.

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Program Overview | Compensation Plan | IV PHASE Financial Plan
Commission Comparison | Retail Profits | International Financial Plan
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Disclaimer: The statements indicated herein have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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