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About Us


Welcome to We are delighted to have you visit our virtual storefront. We are dedicated to bringing you nutritional products and herbal supplements at extermely friendly prices.

We have carefully selected a wide variety of nutritional products which naturally support the body. The products we represent on this web site offer the best quality nutritional supplement. All products undergo rigorous testing at all levels of production. Quality control and quality assurance are a top priority in order to bring you the very best nature has to offer. The products we carry are all manufactured by Arkansas-based ForMor International.

We also offer one of the best (if not already the best) multi-level marketing program in the business. This program is aimed at helping the part-timer earn the best possible income by selling top-quality nutritional supplements at his/her own pace .

Our mission is to help you enrich the quality of your life through quality products as well as a proven downline program. We are dedicated to serving you so that you can stay healthy and become wealthy thus enjoying more out of life. is owned and operated by husband and wife team - Peter & Maus. We are based in the Philippines but we ship orders to most destinations worldwide. We hope that your online shopping experience with will be enjoyable. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns. We can be contacted through our online form.

Thank you for visiting.

About ForMor International

ForMor International (ForMor), located in Conway, Arkansas, USA, produces high-quality nutritional supplements, skin care products and home care products.

ForMor has chosen to market its products using network marketing. Network marketing is a maketing system in which both sales and recruiting new sales agents (or distributors) is encouraged and financially rewarded. Salespeople and distributors that actively build a network of distributors can count on receiving 15% of the wholesale sales volume of people they sign up (first level), and they will receive 45% of all distributors signed up by their first level distributors (2nd level).

ForMor was established in 1996 by current owner and CEO Stan Goss. Stan started a highly successful industrial chemical manufacturing and marketing company in 1976, the success of this company came from allowing his salespeople freedom in negotiations. The salesperson had the freedom and flexibility to charge as much or as little over the wholesale price Stan established, and this strategy allowed the salesperson to make deals and negotiate with the customers. Stan's salespeople earned the difference between the price they established with their customers and the wholesale price. The results were overwhelming, Stan's salespeople were highly motivated, created great business and earned good money. Stan sold that business in 1986 to a large company.

ForMor uses the same philosophy: empower your salespeople, empower your distributors; ForMor distributors can set their own retail prices. But retail profit isn't the only reward for distributors in ForMor. 65% of the wholesale price is paid out to distributors. You can read more about the 65% payout here.

In 2000, ForMor has embarked upon a quest to become the top network marketing company on the Internet. Why? The Internet allows ForMor to serve its distributors better and in more ways than ever before. ForMor offers online signup, online ordering for distributors, and online live downline (network) viewing. But ForMor goes far beyond what you might expect. All distributors will be able to refer their customers to 14 E-commerce websites tailored to sell ForMor products. Thanks to advances in web server and database technology, distributors only have to provide customers and prospects with a simple link (such as to one of the sites, and any sale will credit their account. Distributors who are members of can view their sales totals at any time.

ForMor offers an exciting opportunity to anyone who wishes to earn money selling high-quality products. ForMor is committed to distributor success. If you wish to learn more, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be very willing to provide you with any information you might require and become successful with ForMor International.


Disclaimer: The statements indicated herein have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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