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Amino Therapy System

Dr. Dan Bird
Dr. Dan Bird is the key member of the world-renowned development team that created Amino Therapy. This 1965 UCLA medical school graduate completed his residency with the prestigious Harvard Medical Service at the world famous Boston City Hospital. Motivated by his own personal skin problems, this infectious disease expert took special interest in the dermatology needs of his thriving practice for over 20 years.

Says Dr. Bird, "Amino Therapy represents the finest that testing, experience and painstaking research can offer. No other skin care products in the world perform the way Amino Therapy can. This new technology represents the future of skin care."

"Instead of masking the appearance of dry, damaged, discolored or wrinkled skin, the Amino Therapy system with Intercellular ATS17 gets to work on the root cause of the problem, and works with your skin's own systems to create softer, younger skin."


Dr. Simon Rosenbaum My name is Dr. Simon Rosenbaum. As a well-respected world-renowned cosmetic surgeon I make it my personal business to stay informed on the latest advances, which may help my patients maintain their youthful appearance. I believe I owe my patients the absolute best that science has to offer. Because of my steadfast commitment, I am obliged to travel worldwide to teach, learn and evaluate skin care breakthroughs wherever they may occur. Constantly traveling across the globe is tiresome and quite frankly, I could stay just as busy in my thriving practice here in Melbourne, Australia, but when my patients come to me, they want to know that they are getting the best and latest, would you want anything less yourself? If you are interested in finding out how you can have the most beautiful, youthful looking skin possible without expensive cosmetic surgery then please read on, the following information may change your life!

On a recent trip to the United States I was introduced to an extraordinary skin care product called Amino Therapy, with an extraordinary story behind it. Naturally, I was skeptical, as I have seen numerous products from around the world that made big claims but failed to produce promised results. However, this product had very credible doctors and science behind it, so I agreed to take it back to Australia and put it through my own stringent testing.

My initial testing results were so fantastic that I knew I was on to something very important! I immediately decided to find out more about this seemingly miraculous product. In my mind I began to wonder, "could this be the product that would change the course for skin care forever!"

A respected team of the world's top cosmetic chemist and an infectious disease physician, Dr. Dan Bird, MD, created amino Therapy. Having lifelong skin problems himself, such as acne rosacea, dermatitis and two bouts with skin cancer, Dr. Bird was committed to finding something that would help all people achieve beautiful, healthy and youthful skin. Using a new, totally top secret engineering process, a special and unique formula was created. By re-engineering 17 plant-based amino acids, these ingredients were now changed at the molecular level to interact with the skin in a totally new and different way. This engineering process was unlike anything ever seen in a skin care product and produced a scientifically superior product capable of performing nearly miraculous effects on the skin!

After this new formula was created, Dr. Bird was eager to test it on himself. Amazingly, Dr. Bird's lifelong skin problems cleared up after only five weeks of applying this fascinating product! If it could perform this well, perhaps this product had even greater potential! Dr. Bird began to put Amino Therapy through rigorous and systematic testing. Wanting to see if this formula could ease the discomfort of hospital patients who were suffering from skin traumas, he applied Amino Therapy. To his incredible delight, patients with severe skin injuries began healing quickly and with little or no scarring. Even badly burned patients healed far more completely than would ever have been expected. Truly Dr. Bird was on the brink of a new frontier in skin care.

As Dr. Bird witnessed the continued results from his hospital testing, he wondered how Amino Therapy would work on minor everyday skin problems. Therefore, in his day-to-day practice he began recommending Amino Therapy as an alternative treatment over prescription medication to treat a whole host of everyday skin problems such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, discoloration and dry broken-down skin. Once again Amino Therapy was up to the task as it tackled all of these skin problems! What more could possible be asked of this new discovery? Indeed more was to come! Through further research and testing it was discovered that the unique molecular structure of Amino Therapy would not allow even the most vicious of household and hospital bacteria to grow, further adding to this product's amazing qualities! In fact, Amino Therapy is the only known formula to have passed certain stringent FDA requirements for use by a surgeon after scrubbing and before gloving prior to surgery!

Naturally, if Amino Therapy could help such badly damaged skin, Dr. Bird knew the important implications for everyday use. The proof came from his own patients who started reporting how wonderful, beautiful and youthful their skin began to look as they continued to use Amino Therapy. Fine lines and wrinkles seemed to melt away. Discolorations and age spots faded like magic! Indeed, Dr. Bird was seeing a product with cosmetic qualities, the likes of which he had never encountered! The next question was whether or not Amino Therapy would stand the test of time. Now, after ten years of extensive research and development and over 250,000 happy clinical test users, Amino Therapy has proved itself to be a true skin care miracle! The best that science has to offer has created a marvelous product available to you for the first time. A product that can change your skin in a matter of 21 days!

By understanding how traditional skin care products work, you will better understand the unique nature of Amino Therapy. Traditional moisturizers are often pleasant to use but really do not moisturize the skin at all. Instead, they are designed to cover the skin with a thin greasy film to try and hold moisture in. While those sorts of products may temporarily make the outer skin layers seem to have a better appearance, in reality, this process can actually contribute to the aging of your skin by plugging pores, inhibiting the natural release of toxins and blocking oxygen absorption. This process is known as skin stagnation and the long term results can be devastating, creating a cyclical effect where you are forced to use more skin care products to cover up the damage being done.

Amino Therapy does not work like traditional skin care products. Instead, differentiated molecular structure permits the rapid penetration of the amino acids and humectants through the epidermis down into the skin. This unique penetrating molecular structure is the result of a revolutionary manufacturing process, which allows the final formula to deliver vital moisture and skin building nutrients right where they are needed most. Utilizing this proprietary Intercellular Active Transport System 17 (ATS17), amino Therapy is able to hydrate, moisturize, enrich, exfoliate and help repair the skin like no other product in the world! Think of Intercellular ATS17 delivery system as a series of microscopic capsules, which 'carry' the nourishing 17 plant-based amino acids and humectants into the skin to create younger looking skin from the inside out! The outstanding science, performance and results of the ATS17 deliver formula are decades ahead of any other skin-enhancing product in the world! Unlike AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), Amino Therapy contains no acidic ingredients and does not burn the skin, nor cause unwanted reddening or irritation. Using new technology, Amino Therapy is considerably more effective than AHA's in cleaning debris and scales form the skin's surface. No other company in the world has the chemical engineering ability to create this unique exfoliating system - otherwise nobody would be using AHA's. Now having the richest, most radiant, sexy and healthy skin possible is at your fingertips! Of course, the proof is in the trying!

Amino acids are food for healthy skin cells and form the essential building blocks for collagen and elastin, the support structure of the skin. In fact, collagen and elastin make up almost 90% of our skin. These proteins are made of a combination of amino acids, which are strung together in a specific pattern. These proteins are secreted by the fibroblast cells into the dermis and comprise the foundation for all maintenance, repair and healing of the skin. This is where Amino Therapy does the job of supplying the lower levels of the skin with the very nutrients it needs to produce the collagen and elastin the skin requires to maintain itself! Amino Therapy is such a remarkable product that must be experienced to be truly appreciated. The formula and manufacturing secrets needed to deliver amino acids in this way are a closely guarded secret. ForMor International is the only company in the world with the exclusive worldwide marketing rights to Amino Therapy! No one in the world has the ability to duplicate this emulsion technology! In fact the manufacturing process is so heavily guarded that the factory is actually sealed off during production with only key scientists and assistants in attendance. Amino Therapy is protected by binding and enforceable secrecy agreements. Like another famous secret formula, Cola Cola, companies may try and copy us, but they will never succeed! No other product, available anywhere, at any price can come close to the results you will experience with Amino Therapy with the incredible ATS17 technology!

Amino Therapy is not available in stores and is distributed exclusively by authorized distributors of ForMor International.

As a very busy cosmetic surgeon, my practice thrives because the truth is nobody really wants to look his or her age. And why should they? Why should you? Today, people have found ways to keep themselves healthier and more youthful than ever. Of course, a more active lifestyle generally means people are outside more, exposing themselves to elements, like the sun and wind that age our skin. For some the answer is to visit me and spend thousands of dollars on laser surgery or a full face lift. However, with Amino Therapy you may avoid needing my services for many years to come! You may think it strange, recommending a product that may prevent people from needing cosmetic surgery. However, I still believe people should have simple affordable skin care options to help prevent premature aging and by sharing this product in this manner, I am able to help millions of people across the globe! Keeping people looking youthful is what I do for a living and Amino Therapy is a fantastic way for people of all ages, in all parts of the world, to do just that.

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