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Beta-C-Plex Travel Pack - Normal to Dry

Beta-C-Plex Travel Pack -Normal to Dry Code: 512
5 Products

Price: US$ 103.50

Code: 521
Size: 4 oz. bottle
A soothing botanical cleanser formulated with the revolutionary Beta-C-Plex complex, polishing beads, and the perfect blend of herbs. Stimulates the pores and the senses, leaving a feeling of renewal. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin conditions.

Use #1 Beta-C-Plex Natural Face Wash in the morning to thoroughly cleanse and rejuvenate skin. Gently massage a small amount onto wet skin using a circular motion with fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Code: 522
Size: 4 oz. bottle
Formulated with the revolutionary Beta-C-Plex complex, this lathering pearlescent cleanser removes excess oil and impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Leaves skin luxuriously smooth while respecting its natural pH level.

Use in the evening. Gently massage a small amount onto wet skin using a circular motion with fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Code: 526
Size: 4 oz. bottle
A refreshing toner formulated for skin that does not tolerate alcohol. Gently awakens tired skin and perfectly completes the cleansing process. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin conditions.

For use after cleansing the face. Soak cotton ball with #6 Beta-C-Plex Skin Freshener and apply where needed.

Follow with a moisturizer and appropriate treatment products.

#7 Beta-C-Plex Nourishing Mask
Code: 527
Size: 1 oz. jar
A therapeutic mask formulated to nourish the skin with essential moisture. Perfect for dry skin, this treatment delivers rich emollients and humectants. After use, skin will feel moisturized and supple, and look radiant.

Start by cleansing the skin with a mild face wash such as #1 Beta-C-Plex Natural Face Wash or #2 Beta-C-Plex Soapless Soap. Smooth a generous layer over desired areas, avoiding eye area.

Relax with the mask on for 15-20 minutes.

To remove, rinse with lukewarm water until skin feels refreshed. Follow with an appropriate moisturizer and treatment products.

Code: 528
Size: 1 oz. jar
Formulated with the Beta-C-Plex complex, along with high concentrations of Vitamins C, A, and E, to aid in cellular reconstruction and renewal. #8 Beta-C-Plex Renewing Cream also provides nourishing moisture, so it is perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin conditions. Frequent use will help to visibly counteract the aging process.

After evening cleansing, apply a small amount to forehead, cheeks, and nose with the fingertips and leave on overnight. Avoid the delicate eye area. Use #8 Beta-C-Plex Renewing Cream every evening after cleansing and toning the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while toning and firming the skin.

Weight: 15.00 ounces.

Price: US$ 103.50

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