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#10 Beta-C-Plex Retinol Eye Cream

#10 Beta-C-Plex Retinol Eye Cream Code: 510
1/2 oz.

Price: US$ 15.00

Suggested Use:
Twice daily.

A revolutionary treatment formulated with the Beta-C-Plex complex, along with the most effective topical form of Vitamin A (Retinol) available. Helps minimize the effects of aging by revitalizing and nourishing the delicate skin of the eye area. A necessary addition to any skin care regimen. Perfect for all skin types.


  • Helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
  • Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles in the eye contour.
  • Non-irritating.
  • Limits damage caused by free radicals.
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis.
  • Improves the overall look and feel of the delicate tissue in the eye area.

    Use #10 Beta-C-Plex Retinol Eye Cream twice daily, after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Gently apply #10 Beta-C-Plex Retinol Eye Cream to the skin around the eyes using minimal pressure.

    Do not apply #10 Beta-C-Plex Retinol Eye Cream to the upper lids if wearing eye makeup.

    To apply, we recommend using the ring finger, as it will result in less "pulling" of the delicate skin around the eyes.

    Be very careful not to get #10 Beta-C-Plex Retinol Eye Cream into the eye. If this occurs, immediately flush eyes with water.

    Weight: 4.00 ounces.

    Price: US$ 15.00

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