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The pH Factor Weight-Loss and Maintenance Sysetem

Solve the Fat Epidemic!

pH Factor Almost two-thirds of Americans are overweight and about 31% of them are obese. Many nutritional experts call this a health crisis and a fat epidemic. Being overweight dramatically affects your quality of life. You donít have to suffer anymore!

The pH Factor

A pH test measures how acidic or alkaline your body is. The term "pH" stands for "potential for hydrogen." Healthy people are slightly alkaline. Sick and unhealthy people are linked to acidic body environments. Your body pH affects almost everything about you. Your pH level influences every biochemical process in your body. The pH Factor can explain why you have not succeeded in losing the fat and the inches you desire to lose. The pH Factor helps you understand why you have no energy, lack stamina, and in general, just donít feel good. Get off the yo-yo diet programs. Win the fight against fat, NOW! The pH Factor Weight-Management System is a total program of education, diet, exercise and supplementation. You benefit from years of study and research. The system assists you in balancing your body chemistry. You can benefit by reducing excessive weight, poor digestion, and the negative effects of aging. With the System you can achieve: increased stamina, more energy, improved vigor, better mental clarity, greater vitality and vibrant well being. Importantly, you can look and feel so much better! Discover the pH Factor and start changing your life, TODAY!

Knowledge is Power

Understanding the pH Factor can be that missing link to you finally losing fat! Proper knowledge of your body's pH balance is power; It's the power to control the circumstances that make you gain or lose fat.

Crucial to Effective Weight Management

pH stands for potential hydrogen. It indicates when something is acid (when the pH is lower than 7) or when something is alkaline (when it is higher than 7). The pH of your blood must at all times be between 7.3 and 7.4. To protect this blood pH, the body stores excess acid in fat cells. In the acidic person, the body cannot afford to burn fat because it would release this stored acid into the system, thereby putting blood pH out of balance.

Balance Your Food

In an acidic environment, fat flourishes. So, alkaline producing foods will help improve the pH balance of the body. Still, lowering calorie and fat consumption is also needed. The pH Factor System educates you on the foods that help alkalize your body.

Water is Essential

Drinking appropriate amounts of water is essential to body balance, weight loss and being healthy. Drinking alkaline water in liberal amounts helps neutralize stored acid wastes and cleanse the body. A good diet and proper water consumption, along with correct supplementation, assists the body in gently removing acids.

Exercise is Fundamental

Consistent exercise helps to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. Regular exercise helps the body eliminate toxins. Ongoing exercise is critical to long-term weight management, overall health, and vitality.

pH Factor Home | pH Factor Info | pH Factor Products | F.A.Q. | Testimonies

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