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Maca Noni


Code: 131
Package Size: 60 caplets
Suggested Use: Take two caplets daily in a divided dose as a dietary supplement.

Price: US$ 29.50

Noni: "A Miracle From Paradise"
Good health requires three things: a positive outlook on life, a good diet, and good genes. We can rarely do much about the genes we inherit, but we can greatly improve the quality of our diet. Food technologists have done an excellent job in providing us with tasty, attractive, and easily stored food. The nutritional value of the food we eat is under the control of a different group of scientists, however. Some of these scientists have been warning us for years that rapid and disastrous loss of micronutrients from the soil is leading to less than adequate crops. This loss of certain micronutrients led to a sharp decrease in the amount of proxeronine in certain plants.

Today many people in the United States receive a marginal or a submarginal supply of proxeronine, which has led to a variety of medical problems. Supplementing the diet with consistent use of Noni corrects this deficiency and may bring dramatic cures for certain medical problems. Proxeronine is one of the safest micronutrients known. Since proxeronine has no direct physiological action in the body until the body converts it to xeronine, taking large amounts of Noni should not cause problems. The stimulation that proxeronine produces is a natural metabolic stimulation resulting from better integration of the various metabolic systems.

Xeronine helps to repair damaged cells by regulating the rigidity and shape of particular proteins comprising those cells. Since these proteins have different functions within the cells, this explains how the administration of Noni causes a wide range of physiological responses. The action of Noni in enabling the body to recover from a number of different infections is exciting, but the explanation is complex and more research is required.

Yet even today we have some important clues about the modes of action. Anecdotal reports suggest that Noni can be significantly helpful in numerous health conditions, such as hypertension, wounds and infections, ulcers, skin rashes, digestive disorders, colds, influenza, arthritis, and cancer. Numerous research reports have shown that Noni improves the immune system and specifically increases the number of T-cells. This single observation is very important and will have many medical applications.

The History of Maca Medicine
The Peruvians may have been the first to realize the beauty of Maca, but they thankfully did not keep it a secret from other cultures. The Spanish soon found the miracles of Maca after their conquest of the area. They were having trouble breeding their livestock until a native disclosed the secrets of the mysterious plant. Soon Maca became more valuable than gold. Along with being a great source of nourishment, Maca is also used for treating ailments, reducing stress, and contributing to successful weight loss. One of the first ways natives used Maca for medicinal purposes was to enhance fertility in humans and animals. Maca is a hardy perennial plant cultivated in the Andean Mountains. It was domesticated about 2000 years ago by the Inca Indians, and primitive cultivars of Maca have been found in archaeological sites dating as far back as 1600 B.C. Native Peruvians have traditionally utilized Maca since before the time of the Incas for both nutritional and medicinal purposes. Maca has always been an important staple in the food crop grown there.

It is rich in sugars, protein, starches, and essential minerals, especially iodine and iron. In Peruvian herbal medicine, Maca is used as an immunostimulant for anemia, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, menopause symptoms, stomach cancer, sterility and other reproductive and sexual disorders as well as to enhance memory. This energizing plant is sometimes also referred to as Peruvian ginseng, although Maca is not in the same family as ginseng.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 caplet


Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value




Noni Fruit (4:1)



Proprietary blend ofÖ
Siberian Ginseng, Odorless Garlic, Chickory Root Extract, Astragulus Root, Chlorella Algae, Cats Claw (4:1), Aloe Vera (200:1)



* Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients:
Calcium Carbonate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Croscarmellose Sodium, Pharmaceutical Glaze

Maca Today Today, Maca is most commonly used to increase energy, stamina and endurance in athletes, promote mental clarity, treat male impotence, and help to correct female hormonal imbalances including menopause and chronfatigue syndrome. European doctors have prescribed Maca for a variety of health-related illnesses and weight management for more than a decade and have found it more helpful than synthetic western medicines. Maca is growing in world popularity due to its energizing effects, fertility enhancement and aphrodisiac qualities.

Maca is a nutritional powerhouse especially rich in iodine. It is a reliable protein source containing significant amounts of amino acids. The protein and calories in Maca are stable even after years of storage. It is also rich in complex carbohydrates and essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and iron. It contains vitamins B-1, B-2, B-12, C, and E and is a source of glycoside steroids.

Weight lifters and body builders are turning to Maca as a natural and safe alternative to anabolic steroids. The rich and diverse nutrient content of Maca explains its many traditional uses and why it is sought after today.

Maca is an "adaptogen", meaning it helps to restore balance or homeostasis to the body. Rather than addressing a specific symptom, adaptogens are used to improve the overall adaptability of the whole system. Maca has been used traditionally to increase energy and to promote improvement in both stamina and endurance in athletes. Unlike caffeine, Maca is a healthy choice for increasing energy because it is not a stimulant.

The steady enhancement of both physical and mental energy makes Maca an ideal supplement for students, professionals, writers, athletes, and anybody else who needs a lift. The fact that Maca contains no stimulants, but obtains its benefits from vitamins and minerals, makes it especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Many people who use Maca also report increased mental clarity.

The Indians who first used Maca believed it to be a significant fertility aid for both animals and humans. This explains why Maca is often described as an aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiac or not, it may be used to address hormonal imbalances in women. Maca offers a natural solution to symptoms of both PMS and menopause. Calcium and magnesium are well known for their beneficial effects on the female endocrine system. Maca is a good source for both of these important minerals and is a very rich source of iodine, which is also important for the endocrine system due to its effect on the thyroid. Further reports indicate that Maca may help treat male impotence.

About the Ingredients

Catís Claw - Catís Claw is a woody vine found in the highlands of the Peruvian Rain Forest. Catís Claw is not a recent discovery, it has a long history of use by the Peruvian Indians. Studies suggest Catís Claw may be useful in the treatment of a host of ailments, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, gastrointestinal upsets, ulcers, allergies, PMS, AIDS, herpes, lupus, diabetes, fibromylasia, rheumatism, depression, reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation. Austrian Research Scientist Klaus Keplinger has shown the herb contains six important oxindole alkaloids. Four of these, Isopteropodine, Pteropopine, Isomitraphylline, and Isorynchophylline, help the white blood cells dispose of harmful microorganisms and cell debris. A fifth alkaloid, Rynchophylline, examined by Chinese researchers show this component may be a practical agent in the prevention of cardiac problems by reducing blood pressure, increasing circulation, and inhibiting the accumulation of Arteriosclerosis plaque and blood clots. Additionally, Catís Claw is a storehouse of other health-enhancing phytochemicals. These include Proanthocyanids, Triterpines, Polyphenols, Quinovic Acid Glycosides and the plant Sterls Beata Sitosterol, Stigmasterol and Campesterol. These might account for the antioxidant, cholesterol-inhibiting, immune-boosting, anti-tumor and anti-flammatory action attributed to this herb.

Aloe Vera - Historically, Aloe Vera has been used to treat human and animal medical problems from A to Z. It has been called natureís healing miracle. Aloe is believed to have the ability to penetrate and bring healing to the deepest body tissues. Containing Lupet, Salicyclic Acid, Urea Nitrogen, Cinnamic Acid, Phenolt and Sulfur, Aloe is believed to be antiseptic. Aloe settles nerves, cleanes, detoxifies, and normalizes metabolism.

Odorless Garlic - Researchers continue to amass evidence that garlic contains preventative and healing properties. Research has demonstrated that the sulphur compounds in garlic are the key to its antibiotic and antifungal action, its ability to prevent the liver from generating too much cholesterol, and its tendency to thin the blood and reduce clotting. In 1858, Louis Pasteur first proved that garlic was an antibiotic by demonstrating how it could kill bacteria in laboratory culture dishes. In the last two decades over 1,000 papers have been published internationally regarding garlicís health benefits. The following are just a few samples:

Infection. Research has repeatedly confirmed that garlic is effective against bacteria, yeast, and fungi, safer, and as strong as numerous prescription drugs. Garlic has proven effective against E. Coli, the most common cause of "travelerís diarrhea."

Circulation/Heart Health. Cholesterol is dramatically reduced in the blood when garlic is consumed with a fatty meal. When taken for 2 or more months, garlic can reduce the level of blood cholesterol by 15%. Garlic can significantly lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol, while raising HDL ("good") cholesterol, which protects against artery-hardening plaque.

Garlic has been shown to inhibit blood clotting. This "blood thinning" effect reduces the risk of strokes which are caused by clots lodging in the brain or the risk of heart attacks caused by clots blocking the coronary arteries which oxygenate the heart muscle. Garlic is believed to lower blood pressure.

Siberian Ginseng - The active chemical ingredients are called eleutherosides. Grown in Siberia, this herb is believed to relieve physical and mental stress and has been used to treat bronchitis and chronic lung ailments. It normalizes blood pressure and reduces blood cholesterol. Studies of Siberian Ginseng by I.I. Brekhman show that it can increase stamina. In fact, it is rountinely used by Russian athletes. Siberian Ginseng may help the body withstand stress and improve mental alertness. It also may help to cure colds, infections, and improve overall health. Also, it has been known to help prevent heart disease by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.

Astragalus - Grown in China, Oriental herbalists have used astragalus for centuries for a wide variety of ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Recent studies in leading Chinese medical journals suggest that astragalus may help activate the immune system, thus enhancing the body's natural ability to fight disease. Astragalus may also prevent the spread of malignant cancer cells to healthy tissue. Dr. G. Mavligit at the University of Texas in Houston found that an extract from this plant helped restore normal immune function in cancer patients with impaired immunity. In fact, some herbalists routinely give astragalus to people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. More research is underway to explore the full medical potential of this ancient cure-all. Astragalus may help promote resistance against disease. This mild stimulant may reduce blood pressure by helping to rid the body of excess water weight and it appears to help restore normal immune function for cancer patients.

Chlorella - Chlorella may be the first link in the food chain. This super protein source is a growth stimulator, and is believed to retard aging. Chlorella is a reliable source of B-12 and is high in Beta-Carotene. Chlorella contains more chlorophyll per gram than any other land or sea plant and has the ability to neutralize or remove poisonous substances from the body.

Always consult your health professional before taking any dietary supplement.

Price: US$ 29.50

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