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Doc's Mineral Rocks

Doc's Mineral Rocks Code: 564

Price: US$ 24.00

Recent medical research has shown that our body needs over 60 essential trace minerals to carry out all necessary bodily processes. In fact, without the presence of minerals, the human body is unable to properly utilize all the nutrients from the food and vitamins we consume - causing fatigue, illness and disease in varying degrees. That may be why thousands of people have already turned to Doc's Mineral Rocks for their mineral supplement needs.

Minerals in their metallic form straight from the earth can be toxic to the human body. Fortunately, plants naturally absorb these metallic minerals through their roots and convert them to colloidal minerals, which can be readily utilized by the human body. With fulvic acid and many other key colloidal minerals, Doc's Mineral Rocks is a superior concentrated solution extracted from an ancient rain forest deposit using cool, clean water. Each of the billions of microscopic colloids found in Doc's Mineral Rocks contains a virtual solar system of different minerals and are naturally negatively charged - important in increasing bio-availability and for flushing out toxins from the body.

Take one level teaspoon with a glass of your favorite juice or water, preferably in the evening.

Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon
Iron - 2 mg (10% DV)
Iodine - 13 mcg (8% DV)
Chromium - 3 mcg (2% DV)
Molybdenum - 2.8 mcg (4% DV)
Fulvic Concentrate - 14 mg (no DV established)

Other Ingredients: Water

Fulvic Concentrate contains natural organic complexes containing over 70 chelated trace minerals, elements and cellular nutrient factors in an electrolyte structure.

Bottle Size: 4 fl.oz (118 ml) - approx 30 servings.

Price: US$ 24.00

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