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Super Clean All-Purpose Cleaner

Super Clean All-Purpose Cleaner Code: 809
16 oz.

Price: US$ 10.50

Super Clean is an excellent all-purpose neutral cleaner, good for mopping floors coated with wax or floor finishes, and will effectively remove grease, grime, oil, dirt, mud, ink and soot. Safe on all washable surfaces not harmed by water.

Apply with spray mop or sponge.

Light soils: Dilute 1:30-40 parts warm water for regular cleaning of linoleum, rubber, vinyl flooring, tile, terrazzo and marble, leather and plastic upholstery, painted walls and floors, venetian blinds, furniture and woodwork, aluminum and stainless steel, porcelain surfaces and all hard tiles.

Heavy Soils: Dilute 1:10-20 parts hot water for removing heavy oil deposits, scuff marks, greasy floors and well sealed wooden floors.

Wax Removal: Dilute 1:5 parts hot water for removing old wax from linoleum, rubber and vinyl plastic flooring.

Glass: Dilute 1:100 parts water for streak-free cleaning.

Dirty Rags & Dust Mops: Place in solution that was used for cleaning. Allow to soak, then rinse.

Phosphate-Free - Our products contain no phosphates, which disrupt the natural ecological balance of streams and lakes.

Biodegradable Environmentally Sensitive - FORMOR uses biodegradable, naturally derived, organic cleaning agents and surfactants. Safe on all surfaces that are not harmed by water.

Economical, Highly Concentrated Formula - Super Clean saves you money because it is highly concentrated, and requires less packaging, reducing solid waste in the environment.

Made in the USA

A proprietary formula containing cleaning agents (nonionic surfactants), chelated soil suspension additive, soil suspending agents, colorant and fragrance.

Weight: 19.00 ounces.

Price: US$ 10.50


Disclaimer: The statements indicated herein have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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